Korea Ocean Bio Cluster Product 홍삼愛해삼
Warm, sweet, and clean 홍삼애해삼 Sea cucumber has been widely used for food and medicine since the Ming and Qing dynasty. It has warm property and sweet and clean taste, and is also known as ‘sea ginseng,’ which is its Korean name.
cucumbers and red ginseng have similar effects and compatible properties. Fishery scientists found halotoxin found in sea cucumber and saponin have effects on inhibiting various types of fungi (a group of 7,2000 microorganisms such as yeasts and molds). Sea cucumber is rich in mucopolysaccharide, protein, and minerals such as Ca, Fe, and P, and low in calories, which makes it a popular food among the middle-aged customers.
Based on patented technology, Korea Marine Bio Cluster manufactured sea cucumber peptide extract (from Tongyoung) and high-purity 6-year red ginseng extract (Korean) 60Brix as a premium product contained in bottles.